Over here, we build legacies!

Creative Aych utilizes a holistic approach to branding. Let’s take the robotics, unrealistic standards, + disconnect out of the process so you can truly align with your business + the community you were meant to inspire.


Meet Shashu

I’m a Creative, in all that I do. 

Shashu [Shay-shoe]\ Ethiopian origin\ meaning “Sweetest Joy”\ Love Language: Authenticity

I’m a planner obsessed, roots-reggae loving, plant-bae—on a journey home to myself. Born + raised on the mossy southern coast of North Carolina—residing in the fastest growing city in the U.S—Raleigh, NC. I am the Founder + Creative Director for Creative Aych Agency + Legacy Planners. Queen Mother to one—my child is my greatest creation + legacy. I’m a powerful Black Woman with proud, deep roots. I retained a Bachelor’s of Applied Science Degree in Psychology from HBCU – Fayetteville State University.

God Creates, + so do I.
Welcome to The Land of Creative Aych—a multifaceted creative space. Each element of the Creative Aych dynasty is a helpful tool to build + live your legacy. I host a podcast, deliver creative design services – Creative Aych Agency, design Legacy Planners, + author a fiction novel. I am here to serve. Let’s work.

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The Queen of Kings Podcast was produced to help you adjust your crown by tapping into your creativity, living intentionally + authentically. You were born full of purpose. You will be reminded that you come from a long line of Kings + Queens–nothing can touch your throne. You get to plan + create the life you decide you want to live. We are the most fascinating people, + this podcast explores us, reminds us that, + encourages our growth on every level from our relationships to what we eat, how we feel, what we think, + what we design.

You can create + live your legacy, starting with the decisions you make today—let’s talk about it!