ABOUT| Shashu Aych| Mompenuer. Author. Relationship Coach
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Get to know a bit more about Shashu


Shashu is an author, creative, momma and brand stretigist, on track to release her highly anticipated novel, Queen of Kings.  Queen of Kings is a riveting story that will immerse readers into a new world full of culture, royalty, decree and savory dishes that will leave them turning the page for more.

“I’m a creative in all that I do.” 


ey! I’m Shashu

My relationship with pen and paper began before I had a story to tell. From the time I received my first diary, I have yet to put the pen down. A few years ago I began writing Queen of Kings. As I grew, the story grew with me. I am excited to see my story finally turned into this unique novel that readers can enjoy.

Our relationship with food is one of the most significant relationships we cultivate on an everyday basis. In fact, some of my characters in my novel, Queen of Kings, are Chefs. This book is such a fun read with unconventional characters, deep scenes, and originally authentic culture. Read more about ‘Queen of Kings.’

If you’ve stopped by my website: you want to find out more about my novel, ‘Queen of Kings,’ you want help making your relationship fruitful, you’re following one of my goals. You may also want to find a great recipe to top your mommas cooking, be the hit at the next office potluck or to make any man fall in love with one savory bite; you’ve come to the right place!

If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must write it.”- Tony Morrison.

If you have a question you’d like answered, submit your questions to me for #AskShaAskTheShu I answer them through video on ShashuTV.

Areas include: Books/Writing – Writing, Editing, Authorpreneur, self-publishing, design, marketing, book writing, #MomN -Breastfeeding/Nursing, Pumping, parenting, kiddo meal ideas, free fun for children under 3! Relationships-Dating, Conflict resolution, date ideas, Intimacy, Cooking dates/dessert, lasting love, etc. Current Journies (If you’ve been following me, you’ll see that from time-to-time, I will be on a specific journey such as my breastfeeding journey or a weight-loss journey. Questions surrounding particular journies can be submitted accordingly.


I love being in the kitchen and making great food for the people I love. I'm a true foodie and I love teaching others how to make tasty dishes as well.


Simply put, I help others grow love! Send me your dating and relationship questions for Ask Sha, Ask The Shu.


Passionate Author. My novel, Queen Of Kings, is a story like no other. I promise it will leave you dripping with culture and anticipation; it's a true page turner!