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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATOOTIE! Why I celebrate 22 Months!

When you become a mother, everything changes. Like everything in life, you adjust. You don’t just become a mother the day your child is born, you become a mother at the point of conception, and you choose to grow that child inside you. Once you become a mom, your life changes in ways you could’ve never expected. You’re at work trying to figure out a new tagline for the marketing of your companies new project, and you use Backyardigans songs and adventures to help you tap into your creativity. You let “Puppy” speak to you and help you decide if you want to share today. Haha! Your strength, your resilience, your love, your power increases. READ MORE

How to Ask Your Crush to be Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching! You’ve been checking your crush out for weeks now, and you still haven’t made a move! You made sure (s)he is single, you wave at him/her every time they pass you on the subway, you sit next to them during lectures, you’ve been stalking their Instagram, watching every story they put up and following up with ‘lols’ and eye heart emojis, everything! So, how do you make a move to let them know you’re interested or be their V-Day date?READ MORE

7 Questions that YOU Need to Answer BEFORE Entering a Committed Relationship

Are You Ready to Enter a Committed Relationship?

Among many of the tricky subjects these days, a relationship doesn’t fall short of that list. Everyone still wants a committed relationship. Google recently released its’ most popularly searched topics of 2017 and relationships made an impact on their results.

Intriguingly, people want to know how to have a better relationship and how to make it last. But, before you get into a serious relationship, there are a few questions you should answer yourself.  Answer these to: have no doubts before taking the step to enter into a serious relationship, ensure your chances of longevity, sustainability, and a happier more fulfilling relationship, to guide yourself more smoothly through relationships, and be clear on your answers to these seven questions.READ MORE

Why I Write

Welcome to my blog, I’m Shashu (Shay-shoe). It’s here that I can personally connect with each of you.

Who. What. Where. When. Why. As a little girl, I kept a diary. You know, the small ones with the cute little gold heart lock and key? I kept writing in my time through middle and high school into adulthood. For me, journaling was therapy; it was my safe place to get everything out of my head onto paper.READ MORE