Are You Honoring Your Goals? Unleash The Dragon All 2018
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Are You Still Honoring Your New Years Resolution Goals?

Are You Still Honoring Your New Years Resolution Goals?

We’re halfway through 2018! Wow! How did we get here so fast? This year indeed is flying by. How many of you are still honoring your 2018 New Year’s resolutions? I can honestly say, 3/5 of them I am! One was to work more on the editing of my novel.

I have a love — frustration relationship with my book. When I first started writing it, I knew I had a story that I wanted to tell, and I wasn’t too sure about anything else. I wasn’t sure how I was going to write 20,000 words. I remember sitting in the sunroom at my tiny black desk in my apartment, staring at a blank word document; thinking, ‘what am I getting myself in?’ I have dedicated about five years of my life to my novel, Queen of Kings- yet in the past, I have continuously pushed it on the back-burner time-and-time again.

This year, I decided not to focus on any of my other business goals until I finished with my final edit. So let me tell Y’all if you have a book that you want to write, write it. The writing is the easy part, the editing, on the other hand, is a whole journey in and of itself. I believe I finished writing my story in 2015 and since then, I kept revising and editing it.

Unleash The Dragon

There have been some goals that I absolutely must accomplish this year. So, I was writing in my journal one night, and a feeling flooded my body. It felt crisp and refreshing like I dipped my entire body into a pack of spearmint Crest toothpaste. Then, I felt like a dragon awakened in me. It started breathing fire and flew above my head; then I was riding on her back! When this feeling hit me, it felt like an out-of-body experience – I felt so free! At that moment, I declared this year my “Unleash The Dragon Year.” The Dragon hasn’t been seen for some time now, but she’s free. Free to fly the sky, burning down anything in her path that doesn’t serve her. 

Are you standing in your way? Are you letting people and things stop you that don’t serve you? It can be as simple as scrolling through social media daily, watching too much television, listening to other peoples opinions and living your life by other people’s standards and views. Don’t allow dogma to run your life. Go after the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Didn’t set any? Make some today and put action towards accomplishing them. Whether they are NY’s resolutions or daily goals, you owe it to yourself to honor them, because you’re ultimately honoring your higher self and who you know you are meant to be! UNLEASH THE DRAGON IN YOU!


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