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The Highly Anticipated Original Novel

Queen Of Kings

Empress Nyala is the ruler of the Dawditu— the last original tribe of East Africa. Empress Nyala is a fearless alpha female whose love for her people overpower any decree. She’s focused yet witty and even refers to her ancestors when she speaks. She has a trustworthy counsel, a devoted husband—Emperor Hanif— riches that make sugar barons look like peasants. Yet, she finds herself making a decision that could cost her everything when her long-time adversaries, the Redds, show up announced on her land, land that is revered in which the Redds signed an accord not to ever touch again. Not to mention, she recently handpicked 10 American chefs to fly in to cook for the tribe and its’ visitors during the Sunsefest—an exclusively private, sacred event held annually— only those personally invited by the crown are to attend. By the way, the world is watching for the first time in history. This celebration must go off without any hiccups. Can the royal family pull of the most important ritual of the Dawd people with all eyes on them?

The minute Cass—26 years old charismatic, celebrity chef—was awarded the opportunity to take his culinary skills to East Africa to cook for the sacred Sunsefest, he knew he had to be on the first flight out. He’s been looking for an escape from his scripted day-to-day. Cass encounters the fierce, Chef Safiya; who isn’t shy about adding a dash of spice to her life, but on her terms. Chef Safiya has the skill, sass and even a killer collection of rain-boots to deliver the highest level of sustenance to satisfy any pallet. Add a dash of drama, style, a sprinkle of malice and a heap of egos, and you have one recipe for a jarring adventure!


When I wrote Queen Of Kings, I had a few things in mind. One, being as the great Tony Morrison quoted, “If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t be written yet, you must write it.” So, here it is.  Two, I wanted to read a book that showed strong female characters, a book that showed people of color in a beautiful light. I wanted to give my people, my children, something to read that was outside the typical urban story. This story is a story that everyone can understand and enjoy.


Queen of Kings is the book we’ve all been anticipating! This novel is unlike any story that you’ve ever read. It is highly original and a real page-turner.  It has dreamy locations, steamy dishes, culture, and unconventional characters. Queen of Kings‘ female characters is sure to inspire girls young and old. Its strong cultural vibes will take every reader on a jolting journey and the food; the food will leave your mouth watering for a taste of every dish! You will fall in love with this novel!