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Who doesn't love to eat #Yummers
Quick & Easy Oatmeal | Increase Breast Milk SupplyBy adminAs a lactating mother, I'm always looking for healthy foods to eat and simple ways to increase my milk supply if I experience a decrease. I read about galactagogues, which are foods or herbs that help to increase milk production in lactating mothers. Come to find out, I already had some of these things in my pantry! So I decided to make a tasty yet natural breast milk increasing breakfast dish. What better way to increase your breast milk naturally, than by putting a spoon full of warm, nutritious oatmeal in your mouth, or, biting a cookie! Recipe coming soon!
One Pan Brussels SproutsBy adminMy family never liked Brussels sprouts until I made these! You can quickly make them in one pan so clean up is a breeze! They're savory, tender and filling! You will have everyone saying, "you made me like Brussels sprouts now!"
Almond Flour PancakesBy adminMy fiance loves to eat and he gets very excited to try new foods. He's been on his own journey of getting healthier and leaning out. So, he took the majority of carbs out of his diet and wanted to try alternatives to white flour and almond flour was one of his first suggestions. He tried to make the pancakes himself one morning and they came out like gritty blobs that didn't stay together. I decided to surprise him with Almond Flour Pancakes and fresh homemade strawberry syrup! They were soft and yummy, not to mention, full of great nutrition! Savor On