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Goals3 Simple Ways to Set + Keep New Habits🌿

3 Simple Ways to Set + Keep New Habits🌿

October 5th is #WorldHabitDay 〰Daily practices are fundamental to our overall happiness + peace in life. Habits help or hinder our productivity + desired outcomes in our lives.

We get comfortable with the habits we have + are not always performing at are best, but what we are used to doing~”it’s a habit.” We may have daily patterns of drinking coffee, jogging, journaling, worrying, overanalyzing, social media cruising~habits come in many forms.
🌿There is a quote that says you become successful by the #habits you keep every day.

Creating new practices may come with difficulties. As-easy-as it is to keep the habits we have, it can also be hard to start new ones.

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Help You Set + Keep New Habits:

🌿1. Set alarms. I have a goal to read at the least, 30 minutes a day. So I set an alarm around 7:30p so I don’t forget. Setting alarms when you’d like to dedicate time to the new habit you want to have, helps to keep you accountable. Also, you may be caught up in doing so work or other things that you forget about the new things you want to do. Set alarms to remind yourself + give your mind a break~it will thank you for the reminder!

🌿2.”Planners gonna plan!” There is power in planning. Write your goals out in your journal + use your planner to visualize what practices you want to put in place. Following along with your planner gives you a visual guide on what this will take + look like on a day-to-day basis. A planner with a detailed agenda will be helpful for you–check out our Legacy Planner Daily Agenda printable.

🌿3. Creating a system of organization may make it simpler for you to stick to your new habits. When things are organized, it is easier for you to find what you need, when you need it. Sometimes we get frustrated with looking for specific items, for instance, a jump rope to keep an exercise habit. Then our brains connect frustration, time-consuming, + other negative emotions with that task. Once this happens, your mind is ready to 86 the new habits! Organization is key🔑.

Let us know in the comments what habits you’re setting? If you found this helpful, share it with someone you love 💕

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