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Stationery & Digital Design Services

Planner & Workbook Design

This personalized service brings your Planner, Workbook, Journal, Lookbook, and Guide ideas to life with our functional, purpose-driven, creative design essence.

Branding | Story-Moodboard

Dive into human psychology mixed with creative design so that you can truly understand your consumer and have a visual composition for the foundation of your business.

Social Media Kit

Create a cohesive look across your social media channels as well as your digital and physical stationery offerings. Custom templates that save you time and beautifully convey your messaging.

Event Perks

Impress your attendees by taking your event to the next level with stylish brochures, rack cards, lookbooks, workbooks, and itineraries.

Creativity. authenticity. essence

Let's Work Together

Legacy Planners is a stationery design studio. Creating marketing materials for purpose-led businesses that desire to influence their tribes’ daily lives. 
Purpose. Essence. Magic. Your sauce. The root, psychology, and methodology—all that matter here. Trust me, I know online templates make design look simple and quick. At this stage in your business, you don’t want to look like everyone else on the market—yes, you “Canva cutie”! You want your resources to stand out and be unique to your business’s offerings. Your offerings deserve to bring your mission and your soul to the people—that’s how they connect, through your energy! Legacy Planners offers custom stationery design with unmatched essence. Intention is key here at Legacy Planners. I work with you to learn about your community while providing my expertise on what will work best regarding functionality, psychology, and design.

Not your Average

Design Services

Legacy Planners is rooted in building and living your legacy. Standing on the foundations of Creativity, Preparedness, Authenticity, and Wellness.  I design with these pillars in mind. My mission for Legacy Planners is to cultivate daily fulfillment that liberates you and generations to come with the magic that lies in daily details. Interested in working with us but want to know more about Shashu & the Legacy Planner community? Request a lookbook to learn more about Legacy Planners’ methodology and vibe. 

What to expect

You can Expect LP to Bring You

Holding my degree in psychology has taught me that psychology affects the buying experience and the user experience. Color theory, viewpoints, and more. We take functionality to the next level. 
Creative Design
Let’s hit on the key values you want to see in your project but also, what will be effective, visually appealing, and functional for your consumers. You’re here because you want something new and creative and you knew where to get it! 
Who are we without our soul? Our Energy? Your consumers rock with your business because of you. Your essence flows through it. Like recognizes Like. It is my intention to ensure your essence is beautifully displayed and effectively understood in your project.  

You're here because you know it's time for bigger! You want to offer your tribe something impactful, creative and new. You knew where to get it! Let's work!

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Legacy Planners’

Functional design coupled with soul and psychology will help you create a deeper connection with your audience resulting in daily influence and a solid trustworthy community.