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UncategorizedHow to Ask Your Crush to be Your Valentine

How to Ask Your Crush to be Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching! You’ve been checking your crush out for weeks now, and you still haven’t made a move! You made sure (s)he is single, you wave at him/her every time they pass you on the subway, you sit next to them during lectures, you’ve been stalking their Instagram, watching every story they put up and following up with ‘lols’ and eye heart emojis, everything! So, how do you make a move to let them know you’re interested or be their V-Day date?

Get Creative

I’m sure anyone could DM “Will You Be My Valentine?” or “Go out on a date with me!?” It’s 2018, but you can still take it back to the school days and get creative.

  • A candy gram (candy isn’t just for kids)
  • Cupcake rose bouquet
  • Edible Arrangements
  • Val-E-Gram
  • Shoot a 20-sec dance or song snippet of you asking
  • Written poem
  • Take it “way-back” and make a CD with your crushes favorite songs or send them a playlist of songs that symbolize something to you both.

Dial up the flirt

For those of you who want a date – dial up the flirt! Make meaningful eye contact–“eyes are the window to the soul”… Smile! Ladies, I know the duck face is in, but a simple smile can make all the difference when you are trying to let a guy know you’re interested. Make jokes, laugh at his/her jokes, find out what your crush vibes too.

Say it Wit’Cho Chest

Straight up ask them! Say it with your chest. Be bold and straight up tell them you’d love for them to be your Valentine! Walk up to your crush and ask them, “I want to have an awesome V-Day this year, mind joining me for some drinks and go-cart racing?” This year, you’re asking for a friendly Valentine. Next year, your story could be, “And they fell happily in love.” Doing the things that we are most afraid of usually reward us with what we desire the most.

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